Department of Electronic and Control Engineering

  In the modern society, development is earnestly desired with a system which provides humans with sufficient aid not only in simple work but also in intelligent jobs, and furthermore allows a variety of operations to be conducted for humans. Humans can grasp the affairs surrounding them through their sensory organs including eyes and ears, and can carry out various kinds of actions by thinking with their brains accompanied with the use of their hands and feet. Also in order to make use of the maneuvers referred above, by means of any devices, similar processings such as sensing and perception (eyes and ears), recognition and judgment (brains), control (hands and feet), etc. come to be required. Urgent appearance is required with intelligence-oriented systems allowing such processings to be completed autonomously without using human hands throughout the whole course of the operations. Intelligence-oriented systems are on the threshold of realization in all the fields ranging from establishment of production facilities in factories and plants, manufacture and construction of automobiles, aircraft, electronic apparatus, intelligent buildings, communication systems, medical equipment, promotion of bio-technology, etc. to production of household electric appliances. In our electronic control engineering department, fundamental technology to develop systems to conduct such intelligent actions is dealt with in an extensive scale. In this department, specific subjects related to measurement, control, information, and computers together with advanced theories concerning robotics engineering, system control engineering, etc. are also learned in addition to acquisition of the fundamental knowledge of electric, electronic, and mechanic systems. Meanwhile, importance is also attached to experiments and exercises, and thorough performances are also being made with our experiments and exercises of electronic control engineering, robotics control, information processings, etc.
 As stated above, our department aims at growing up those engineers who will be competent enough to be engaged in development of creative systems which are so designed as to conduct intelligent actions for humans by accomplishing realization of the systems oriented toward intelligence by means of electronic-control /
information-control technology.

The Educational Objectives of the Department of Electronic Control Engineering

 Our aim is to cultivate engineers who are able to respond in a flexible manner to various technologies and meet the challenges of recent progress made in electronic control technology. Our educational objectives are to foster students who can familiarize themselves with the advancement and segmentation of electronic control technology and operate electronic control systems by applying the fundamental skills they have acquired. The social role of the department is to cultivate human resources who can make use of comprehensive skills of mechanics, electrics, electronics, and information technology and creatively develop more advanced and environmentally friendly intellectual systems.
Based on the above criteria, the Department of Electronic Control Engineering upholds its “Engineer to Be Trained” and its “Educational Objectives” below:
Engineer to Be Trained
 An engineer who has acquired the fundamental knowledge and perspectives of mechanics, electrics, electronics, and information technology. An engineer who, on the basis of electronic control and information technology, has acquired the creative ability to improve and develop technology in order to serve the needs of the international community.
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