Department of Mechanical Engineering

  Mechnical engineering is a fundamental science in the industrial society because mechanical engineering is a science system concerning the design and the manufacturing of several types of industrial machineries.
Mechanical engineering is based on several sciences and technologies including solid mechanics, fluiddynamics, thermodynamics, material science, science of manufacturing, etc. The recent rapid development of electronic technology and computer technology, which has changed industrial structure on a large scale, required the change of mechanical engineering to a new type of science including a new technology called “mechatronics.”
 To be able to accommodate to this rapid development of industrial technology, this department prepares enriched curriculum and subjects for mastery of fundamental and extensive ability of mechanical engineering. This department is also active in introducing up-to-date facilities - e.g., engineering work-stations, several robots, a multipurpose 3-action hydraulic press and the electro-hydraulic controlled material testing machine - and these are available for student experiments and graduation research.
 In this department, every student will get a good foundation as a mechanical engineer with much emphasis on creativity and practice not only through attractive lectures but also through well-designed practical subjects.

The Engineers to Be Trained and the Educational Objectives
in the Department of Mechanical Engineering

 Mechanical engineering is a cross-disciplinary field forming the basis of technology for “Product Design”. “Product Design” consists of the two phases: 1) machine design (the planning phase for manufacturing machine products), and 2) machine work (the phase for embodying products). Machine design is an effusion of creative activities realized by consolidating the wisdom and experiences of mechanical engineers. It is therefore essential for students aspiring to be mechanical engineers to learn mathematics and physics, which constitute the basis for machine design technique and information technology. Furthermore, based on this science and technology, they must learn subjects related to the dynamics like “Material dynamics”, “Hydrodynamics”, “Thermodynamics”, and “Mechanical dynamics”.
 Machine work is a sublime, creative process to embody the images of products created by machine design technicians for real products. Mechanical engineers assume heavy responsibilities for finding out and realizing the most appropriate machining conditions under the prescribed, restricted conditions concerning 1) economical efficiency, 2) quality, 3) term of work and 4) environmental preservation and safety. Students hoping to be mechanical engineers must learn not only practical skills on operation of production machinery, but also subjects connected directly with production engineering like “Machinist manners”, “Measurement engineering”, “Control engineering”, and “Production engineering”
 Moreover, it is necessary for a mechanical engineer to acquire IT technology as a tool to accomplish “Product Design” effectively. In addition, to play an active part as a member of domestic and foreign “Product Design teams,” communication skill and sociability on the basis of outlook on ethic are required. As for the students aiming at a mechanical engineer, nourishment of these ability must be necessary.
Engineer to Be Trained
An engineer who has basics scholarship to play an active part as a mechanical engineer in the global community and who learns information processing and analysis ability that can deal with a sudden change of social situation
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