Educational Program of Environmental System Design Engineering

1 Objectives
National Institute of Technology, Gifu College is carrying out an educational program of Environmental System and Design Engineering for students to acquire sound
backgrounds for engineers working internationally. The program is held during the fourth and fifth years of the five-year course plus two years of advanced education, and
is authorized by Japanese Accreditation Board of Engineering Education (JABEE). Graduates of this educational program are exempted from the first stage test of
professional engineers and are qualified as a preparatory professional engineer.

2 Concept of this educational program
It is imperative to deeply consider the method of preventing depleted resource materials associated with industrial production and the diffusion of various materials
affecting the ecological system for the sustainable development of human beings on the earth. Therefore, in “the manufacturing engineering society” the provision of
artificial environments enabling efficient human labor and intelligent activities with high amenity, the conservation of global environment and the construction of recurring
society must be contemplated.
The educational program of environmental system design engineering is aimed at fostering students’ abilities as follows: comprehensive capability of designing
environmental systems which are composed of various socially required functions; and realized by substances such as machines, electrical and electronic equipments

3 Engineers trained by this educational program
Engineers trained by this educational program will have their own specialized engineering
Engineers trained by this educational program will have their own specialized engineering field along with a solid understanding of mechanical engineering, electrical and
electronic engineering, information science, architecture and civil engineering. One also should be able to develop the combined systems of above-mentioned
backgrounds. One should be able to display leadership in an international field by utilizing information technology and English.

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Electronic Control Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Advanced Course